An integrated framework

Our programs are hand-crafted specifically for each  case, centred on creating greater synergy between people, social networks and organisational systems.

There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all. We undertake extensive research during program development, maintain ongoing collaboration as it progresses, and deliver results that fit the objectives.

How the different levels operate

Level: Individual

Focus: Grievance.
Activities: Responding to complaints.
Processes: Case management.
Initiatives: Grievance management training and process consulting; Investigation; Mediation; Conferencing method for group conflict resolution.

Level: Social

Focus: Collaborative problem solving.
Activities: Building capability to manage workplace conflicts as they arise and preventing them from escalating.
Processes: Skill development.
Initiatives: Interactive workshops with skills developed in resilience, basic dispute and conflict handling, responding to group conflict, principles of strategic negotiation.

Level: Systemic

Focus: Building and strengthening a culture of constructive workplace relationships.
Activities: Promoting positive workplace behaviours and practices to significantly reduce the likelihood of conflict occurring.
Processes: Organisational development.
Initiatives: Resilient workplace program applying the skills of dialogue, collaborative problem-solving and motivational coaching and feedback in the organisation; leadership programs.



Our people

Primed brings together a network of specialists in psychology, restorative practices, political and social sciences, conflict management and the creative arts.