How we work

Our process of extracting insight, creating a shared understanding, identifying areas of focus and initiating collective action is based on a unique blend of the social sciences and creative arts.

We utilise the arts as a powerful method of involving people in the development process. Instead of feeling as though a strategy is being imposed on them, participants feel that they are a part of the response. Individually and collectively we see people making sense of their current reality, exploring options together and determining a way forward. Sometimes confronting, often insightful, always entertaining; we find that our process lowers barriers and encourages positive adaptation.


We get to the heart of the matter. We capture quantitative data and conduct in–depth qualitative research by gathering stories and experiences from a range of stakeholders. From these stories we assist groups to distil themes and generate priorities.


We help people make sense of their circumstances and see opportunities through interactive drama, visual, and audio techniques. This approach generates a depth of understanding and empowers people to make choices to effect change.


We support capability development in identified requisite skills and processes. We support capability development in identified requisite skills and processes.


We assist and support capability transfer, to embed changes into structures and businesses. We support long–term personal and organisational change through coaching and on–going development.





Taking the team on a journey that allows them to discover for themselves how change works — that’s very powerful.
It’s compelling getting a glimpse of how change can positively impact their future.

Tommy Viljoen,

Lead Partner,

Enterprise Advisory Security, Deloitte