Workplace Conferencing

Conferencing is a process that helps a group of individuals to manage their own relationships in the wake of conflict. It involves a formally structured conversation between colleagues who are affected by conflict in the workplace.  

That conflict may be:

a) The result of some harmful act about which there is no dispute, and/or

b) Associated with many unresolved disputes between individuals, and/or groups in the workplace.

Whether there is no dispute, or there are many disputes, the Conferencing format enables everyone affected to consider:

  • What happened,
  • How each of them has been affected, and
  • What might be done to improve the situation.

Conferencing is consistent with principles of deliberative democracy. Everyone affected by the conflict is:

  • Encouraged to attend (participation);
  • Given an equal opportunity to speak (equity); and
  • Entitled to have issues they raise discussed adequately (deliberation)